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Alpaca comes from South America, where he lives in the Andes at an altitude of 4000-4700 m.n.p.m. and belongs to the camel family. Most often they can be found in Peru, Chile and Bolivia. It is herbivorous, and its biggest delicacy is carrot and grass.


They have a very soft and pleasant to the touch fur, which is hypoallergenic, which is an asset for allergy sufferers.


Alpacas are very friendly animals, friendly and gentle, completely devoid of aggression. They can be petted, fed and looked after. Contact with alpaca has a significant impact on the child's development. Being surrounded by them, the child learns responsibility and empathy when caring for the alpaca, and hugging and stroking the alpaca allows children to open and relax. Helps build self-confidence and self-esteem, and supports the development of the ability to express their emotions.


During alpacotherapy classes, we use alpacas, which come from alpaculture "Ajmaraya Poland".