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Hortiterapia called therapy of gardens (from Latin hortus meaning garden).


Hortiterapia goes back to ancient times, Hippocrates himself claimed that "nature is a remedy in every illness." In addition, man at the stage of evolution has been genetically conditioned so as to respond positively to the environment, which gives a sense of security and peace, which facilitates recovery of strength and health.


Hortitherapy is a therapy that uses plants and garden work to improve physical and mental health. Hortiterapi classes consist of active work with plants (planting, care work, plant compositions) and passive use of the garden (walk, physical activity, garden view). T


he surrounding greenery and flowers cause the revival of all the senses. Contact children with nature brings benefits in the sphere of development of imagination and creativity, increases curiosity, motivation to learn, improves memory, improves relationships with other children, and reduces stress.